database cleaning, appointment setting, event bookings, after-sales care, market research

We can provide professional telemarketing services for any campaign from database cleaning to telesales. Types of campaigns we have executed include appointment setting, event bookings, after-sales care, invitation follow up and market research.

We start by conducting research on your business to gain an understanding of not just what you want to achieve, but who you are and what your product/service is. Secondly, we aim to gather a good understanding of who your target audience is, why they need your product/service and the barriers we may face. A full brief and outline script is then developed by us for your approval. We never work to a fixed script - it is there as a guide rule for our telemarketers, to help them reach the objective of the phonecall. In this way, we can elicit information that you require in a colloquial, friendly manner, rather than in a robotic state of catatonia!

We fully appreciate that our telemarketers are representing your business, and how important the impression we leave them with is. That's why we hand-pick the most appropriately experienced people from the team of people that we use. We will only give you the most experienced if the campaign is at a senior level or the nature of the call warrants it, and we can price our campaigns accordingly so you don't pay top dollar when you're just checking addresses.

Telemarketing is priced from £15.00 - £25 per hour, depending on the experience or seniority required for the campaign, plus £2.50 per call. The number of calls made per hour will be dependent on the type of campaign you are running. There are additional costs at the start and end of the project for reviewing materials, preparing scripts, importing databases and producing reports. All are costed at the consultancy rate of £350 per day, but you will be given a total price for the whole campaign.

Give us a call if you have a campaign in mind or just want to explore the possibility - we're always happy to talk things through before you ever need to part with a penny.